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FAQ - Fundraiser Advisor

Q. Can a survey taker participate in more than one event at the same time?
A. Yes, bring on the fun! Survey takers simply enter the corresponding CAM event ID code for each event in the survey taker code area, take the survey, and pay the advisor that setup each fundraising event.

Q. Can an advisor run more than one fundraiser event at the same time?
A. Yes, mix and match your fundraising events with multiple clubs such as Band, Booster, Cheerleading, Choir, Drama, Key club, Kiwanis, FCA, FCCLA, FFA, Math, NHS, 4-H, PTA, PTO, SADD, Scrapbook, Spirit, Student Council, Spanish, Newspaper and Yearbook to name just a few. Our tools take the work out of fundraising.

Q. Can anyone print out promotional material for the fundraiser?
A. No, only the advisor has access to the promotional material.

Q. Can schools run this matching fundraiser in a few days?
A. Yes! Get your High School in the mood for fun 24/7 with our quick online processing. No more snail mail. No more hassles. No more door to door selling!

Q. Can the advisor activate a survey before the survey taker has actually paid?
A. Yes, survey takers may be activated by the advisor anytime prior to the view date! This eliminates last minute stress and pressure.

Q. Can the advisor control when survey takers view their match results?
A. Yes! The advisor chooses the "View Results" date when setting up the fundraising event. This view date may be edited later if need be.

Q. Do we need a certain number of survey takers to start a fundraiser event?
A. Yes, survey spots for 25 survey takers are required. Our minimum of 25 surveys and low prices let you spread cheer to one and all even on a tight budget. We want to guarantee your survey takers a match made in heaven while you make a sweet profit!

Q. Do you have Spanish surveys available?
A. Absolutamente! Brush up on your Spanish! We have Spanish question sets available in the Basic, Deluxe, and Mega products as well as tons of Spanish questions in each category to build your own set of questions using our Premium product. Great for Spanish clubs!

Q. How long is the fundraising event open to survey takers?
A. Each event is active for one year starting at the time the event is setup. Motivate and inspire survey takers to participate while the enthusiasm is high!

Q. I would like to print out the match results and sell them to survey takers at our Valentine’s Day dance. Is that possible?
A. Yes, that would be so cool! The advisor may even sort the results list by name, grade, gender or sign.

Q. We have more than 25 survey takers that will participate in the fundraiser but we don't know the exact number. How many survey spots should we purchase?

A. Choose the minimum of 25 survey spots to get started.  Encourage all your students to take their survey and collect the fundraising dollars up front. We provide you with a list of all the survey takers that took the survey for an easy reference. This way you have an exact idea of who has paid and how many survey spots will be needed to complete your fundraising event.  Our low prices + exact number of surveys = a sweet deal!

Q. What if someone takes the survey and doesn't want to pay for his or her match results?
A. All students may have fun taking the survey. If a survey taker doesn't want to be included in the survey results, simply let the advisor know. It is up to the advisor to activate each student's name to view results or not.

Q. What if we don't have 25 students for the minimum number?
A. Plan a bigger bash for less cash! Share your CAM ID code with another school or club and run the program as one and take advantage of our huge savings.

Q. What is the first task for the fundraising advisor?
A. Obtain the necessary permission from your school, organization, parent or guardian.

Q. Why do survey takers need to use a CAM event ID code?
A. Your CAM event ID code is personalized for your group. It is not accessible to anyone outside your group! You’ll never have to worry about party "crashers." Share the event code only with those you know in your group.

FAQ - Party Planner

Q. Can I do a fundraiser event when I signed up as a party planner?
A. At present we only have the fundraising feature available. As a fundraiser advisor you will be able to take a survey along with your group! Discover a whole new world of fun creating and connecting with friends that won’t crush you budget. The party program is coming soon!

Q. Do you offer any party material to go with your cool themes?
A. Yes, we will have dazzling invitations and thank you notes to perk up your party for pennies. There will be a place to include the party CAM event ID code for easy reference on each invitation.

Q. Some of my friends will not be able to attend the party. Can they be included in the party game?
A. Yes, when we have the party program available, you may give your friends the party CAM event ID code so they can share the fun anywhere 24/7. Making someone’s day far and wide will be a breeze!

Q. What if the party planner doesn't purchase enough surveys for the party guests?
A. You will be able to buy more surveys with our easy-to use tools. It will be easy to have fun and easy on your guests.

Q. What is the best way to speed up the sign up process and leave us time to party?
A. Create an account for the party planner when it is available, activate your account in your email where you will be directed to your personalized party planner dashboard. There you may setup your party event well ahead of time and will be ready to go. Party guests are guaranteed to have tons of fun at a moment's notice.

Q. Who is responsible to pay for the party guests?
A. The party planner will be responsible. Make your guests feel special and treat them with our party game that won’t blow your budget! Low prices make it fun and irresistible!