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Party planners currently may use this school matchmaking fundraiser for a matching party game by signing up as a fundraiser advisor. Whether you are hosting a wedding shower, graduation, or sweet sixteen birthday party, you will have a fun and easy activity to “break-the-ice” for your party guests!  Create a Match® offers a variety of survey questions to personalize your entertaining event.* Simply have your guests:

  • Sign up at www.createamatch.com
  • Go to Survey Taker home page
  • Enter your party CAM event ID code.
  • Take the survey

Activate your guests to view their match results. Your job is done! Let the fun begin!


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Create An Account

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Set Up Events

Set Up Events

Using our Setup Wizard, create events with fun surveys and matching themes!

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Manage Your Events

Manage Your Events

Manage your events & purchase surveys through the Dashboard
*You must be 18 years of age or older to sign up as a Party Planner. If you are a guest under the age of 12, you must have your parent or guardian sign you up.

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