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How it Works

Pick the profit you want for your student matchmaking fundraiser!

The school fundraising advisor sets the price for students to view their survey results. Make money and save time with our large selection of Products. The more you charge students to view their completed survey, the more money you make. The more you make, the greater your profit will be! Pick the price for your surveys and calculate the number of survey takers needed for a matchmaking fundraising event using our Profit Calculator. We do the work while you make the profit!

Purchase a minimum of 25 surveys to start-off each matching fundraiser event!

There is a $9.95 activation fee for each matching fundraising event you set-up in our system. You then need to purchase a pre-paid survey package. Most school fundraiser advisors start with the 25 survey Best Product package for $15. This would be paid along with the $9.95 activation fee through PayPal before any surveys are taken. At this point every student takes the survey at no charge. Once the surveys are taken by the students, you collect money from whomever wishes to purchase their survey results. You then purchase the additional amount of needed surveys through PayPal and activate the students that purchased their results from your personalized fundraiser advisor dashboard.

Buy additional surveys during the matching fundraiser event.

As students spread the word and get friends participating in your matching fundraiser, you may find you need additional surveys. Because your administrator dashboard gives you the exact count of participants who took the survey, you will know the exact number of surveys you need to purchase and may purchase additional surveys at any time. No refunds are given on unused surveys .

No refunds are given on number of surveys purchased

Choose wisely to get the best deal! Additional surveys may always be purchased after you know the exact number of fundraiser participants. No refunds are given once your purchase has been made.

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