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Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy has been written to inform you of the personal information we collect from our users and how it is used. It is our commitment to provide quality services while collecting as little personal information as needed to better protect your privacy.

Users Under 13

Protecting the privacy of young children is very important. Therefore, we never collect information from users that we know are under thirteen. This is in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Policy Act (COPPA). If you become aware that your minor child has provided us with personal information without your consent, please contact us at 1-520-333-5508 or email us at support@createamatch.com

Users 13 to 18

Any user age thirteen to eighteen may only participate by taking a survey (Survey Taker). Types of personal information necessary to participate as a survey taker includes: first name, last name, grade, zodiac sign, gender, current e-mail address and password. You agree that the information you provide is accurate and complete and any information found to be false will be grounds for termination or partial limited use of the website.

Users Over 18 Years Old (Representing Your Organization)

A contact person ("You") is required to represent your organization. You must be at least eighteen years old, have a current e-mail address and be able to pay for the organization by credit card. You agree to represent your organization by listing the contact information for your school or organization, your personal contact information, email address and indicating on the registration page that you accept the Agreement. You agree that the information you provide is accurate and complete and that any information found to be false will be grounds for termination or refusal of future services. Types of personal information for the Fundraiser Advisor registration includes: first name, last name, password, e-mail address, phone number, school/ organization name, club name, school/organization address, school/organization phone number.

You will be responsible for:

  • Setting up an event
  • Monitoring users participating in an event
  • Respecting the privacy of all user in your event
  • Handling the account information for payment to Create a Match®, LLC with legal authority from your organization.
  • Keeping your user name and password secure

All correspondence from Create a Match®, LLC will be directed to you in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. We will send all correspondence to the email you provided. Create a Match® LLC respects the policies and procedures of the local, district and State schools and will require that you obtain all necessary permission required by your school.

Parents/ Legal Guardians

Please provide supervision over your teen while doing online activities. We encourage teens to consult with parents or legal guardians on any concerns that they may have. Please contact us for questions at 1-520-333-5508 or email us at support@createamatch.com with any questions

How Personal Information Is Used

Survey Takers

We use personal information Survey Takers provide for matching purposes. A survey taker may get matched within their group with a variety of criteria such as: name, gender, zodiac sign, and percentage of how similar/ opposite answers were matched. Survey takers may design personalized flyers with first and last name to e-mail friends, print or use as wall paper.

Fundraiser Advisors

We use personal information fundraiser advisors provide for setting up event information, monitoring event information, access to promotional material and record keeping of the event results and payment status.

Advisors have access to match results lists in printable and view only format. Advisors are responsible for activating users to view their match results lists and buying more surveys if needed for their group. Advisors are solely responsible for their interaction with other users of this website whether online or offline. We are not responsible or liable for the conduct of any user.

How Personal Information Is Shared

Create a Match® offers survey takers with a match results list of their fellow classmates displaying first name, last name, gender, zodiac sign and similar and opposite percentages. We also offer the tools to personalize fliers to share by emails, print, and wallpaper.  

Create a Match® offers fundraiser advisors tools to setup and monitor each fundraising event. They have access to a list of all participants that finished the survey and the results list of each survey taker in the group. The fundraiser advisor may print the match results list for survey students prior to their viewing their results list, and print summary reports for each event.

Create a Match® reserves the right to revise these Policies without notice, in our sole discretion. Stop back often. By continuing to use the website, you agree to be bound by the revised Terms and Policies. If you do not agree to the new terms, do not use our website.

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