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The Buzz!

Share the Best Student Compatibility Matching Fundraiser!

Get the BUZZ going at your school and spread the word!

Help classmates get involved in your student compatibility matching fundraiser program. The more students that sign up and take your matchmaking survey, the better your match results will be. Send your friends emails, text massages and notes! Have your eye on someone special? Do yourself a favor and make sure they sign up! Give friends your CAM event ID code and ask them to take the matching survey now to be included in your match results.

Showcase your Student Matching Results with family and friends in a variety of ways!

  1. Print out a "BFF" heart on a card for your friend
  2. Send your "Match Results" list to a friend's cell phone
  3. Text your "BF" fliers to your friends
  4. Email a personalized  "# 1 Match" flyer to someone special
  5. Use the "#1 Match" heart as wallpaper for your PC or cell phone
  6. Design a note for your #1 Match.
  7. Personalize your “#1 Match” heart on your favorite stationary.
  8. Add your school mascot in the background for that “School Spirit” touch.
  9. Use card stock for your “#1 Match” heart for a sturdier keepsake.
  10. Use photo paper to enhance the color of your design.

Look for new ways to give your #1 crush your "Heart"!

  1. Post your “heart” on your sweetheart’s locker.
  2. Pin your “heart” on your sweetheart’s shirt.
  3. Tuck a “heart” into your sweetheart’s backpack.
  4. Slip a “heart” into your sweetheart’s gym bag.
  5. Tie your “heart” to a rose before you hand it to your sweetheart.
  6. Reverse print your "heart" and iron it on a T-shirt.

Remember to let your classmates know you care!

  1. Say hi to your new friend with a "Best Friends" heart.
  2. Do something nice for your friends with a "Best Friends"card.
  3. Slip a "BFF" heart in your best friend’s hand.
  4. Put a "BFF" heart on your best friend's lunch tray.
  5. Place a "BFF" heart on your best friend's desk.

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