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"Friendships are the golden threads that bind our hearts together." Author unknown




Advisor Tools

Easy event set-up
Free promotional material
A variety of summary reports
Multiple events run simultaneously
"All Paid" button for quick activation
"Print All" or print individually
All this and more...


Survey Taker Benefits

FREE buddy icons
FREE personalized wallpaper
FREE personalized Friendship Fliers
Top 15 Similar Match Results List
Top 15 Opposite Match Results List
"Find Your Friend" option
"To Do" Check List
Help find bugs

Our Mission!

Our mission is to provide an affordable, safe, fast, easy, and fun way to raise funds while opening up the door for students to make new and lasting friendships.


  • If you are going to be responsible for your school fundraising event, click on the "Advisors" link on the left to learn more.
  • Join in the fun and become a Survey Taker! Discover your most compatible fellow classmates! Click on the "Survey Takers" link for help to get started.
  • Look at the "Product and Pricing" link to select the product that is most suited to meet your fundraising goals.
  • Click on the "Survey Question Sets" to view various pre-made surveys. Our Premium product has over one thousand questions in our database from which to choose.
  • Check out the fun "Themes" link to add a little pizzazz to your fundraising event. We offer two color combination themes to match your school colors and a large variety of custom themes.
  • To learn more, click on the "Videos" link to view our "How To Get Started" videos.

Enjoy your new fundraising experience!

The Create a Match® crew

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